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Is Xupermask Legit

Please read this article about Is Xupermask Legit and the product it is offering, and its creators.

Have you heard about new technology in face masks? Are you aware of the face mask that allows you to do more than cover your face? Are you a tech-savvy and technology enthusiast?  Then there is a website that sells a futuristic face mask and enables even to listen to music simultaneously.

The Website is currently operating in the United States and is selling all over the country. But, the critical question arises; Is Xupermask Legit or its hype? Read along as we give the complete details.

What is the trustworthiness of the Website?

  • Domain age: The Website is a year old, launched on 30th August 2020.
  • Payment options: The Website offers various payment methods such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, and even Apple Payment.
  • Social Media handles: The Website has social media presence on all major social media sites.
  • Trust Score: It is 60% implying an average trust score.
  • Owners Information: The Website is under the hood of Honeywell and musician
  • HTTPS protocol was detected.
  • Customer Reviews: Xupermask Review is not available on the Website, and the masks are priced at US$ 299.

The Website is a year old and has an average trust score primarily because of the creators of the product and the Website, who are celebrities. But the lack of several factors is a concern. So, let us look into the actual picture of the Website.

What is the actual story of the Website?

The E-Commerce website is the platform selling the futuristic Xupermasks designed by Honeywell and Black Eyed Peas band rapper The masks sport a futuristic device with air purifiers attached to them and enable the users to access the audio through inbuilt Bluetooth earbuds. So, Is Xupermask Legit? Let’s dive into some of the specifications.


  • URL:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Not specified on the Website.
  • Contact: +1-888-9877675 is the contact number.
  • Category: Website selling futuristic face masks and spares of the mask.
  • Return Policy: The company offers a 14 days return policy subject to certain terms and conditions
  • Refund Policy: Nothing about refunds is specified on the Website.
  • Plagiarism: The e-commerce site is not plagiarized, but many websites support similar designs and feel.

The Website has a lot of specifications, but some of the specifications in the Website are still vague. But only some factors cannot decide the genuineness of the Website. Let us look into some pros and cons of the Website to find out Is Xupermask Legit or not.


  • The Website has a presence of HTTPS protocol.
  • The Website sells face masks that have the advantage of listening to music along with air purifiers.
  • The contact information on the Website is a huge advantage.
  • The flexibility of Payment is a definite plus point.
  • Also, the celebrity names behind the product and the Website provide a strong base of positive impact.

The Pros and Cons also have to be noted to understand the trustworthiness of the Website.


  • Xupermask Review by the customers is not available on the Website.
  • Although celebrities back the product and the brand, the trust score is only moderate.
  • There is no refund policy given on the Website.
  • The Website itself claims that the mask is not medical equipment not is it an FDA-approved respirator or protective cover.

The Pros and Cons of the Website give a vivid picture of the Website. The other factor, such as the type of product it is selling, brings us closer to the answer: Is Xupermask Legit?

Customer Review:

The Website, despite being under the hood of celebrities, does not support customer reviews. Nevertheless, upon research, we found out from various neutral customers of the United States that the mask is futuristic and has excellent audio and Bluetooth connectivity. But, a specific section of the consumers found unreliability in purchasing from the site as the site doesn’t have any prior reviews and a hefty price tag.

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So our final verdict of Is Xupermask Legit is that the Website is backed up by trusted celebrities and has a good track record as of now. But few major cons cannot go unnoticed, and therefore, it is important to be careful while purchasing. You can know in detail  about the Xupermask

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