Write for Us + Industry Guest Post: Detailed Checklist for Developing a Great Industry Content!

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Build a fantastic career as a writer; read the entire Write for Us + Industry Guest Post details here.

Industry writing is a unique niche that encompasses numerous sub-topics. Therefore, multiple topics are covered in the subject. It also requires a lot of insight and subject matter expertise in the field, which can contribute to educating the audience. Herein, the industry can be anything related to manufacturing, chemicals, etc.

If you suit the requirements of an industry writer, do not miss out on this opportunity that awaits you. Our website is looking for guest bloggers who can write on Write for Us + Industry Guest Post. Read the entire article in the coming sections to better understand the process.

In-depth information on the website

The website sys-shield.com is an international website with a vast client base. Our objective is to educate our audience on varied genres and niches by providing informative content. There are various genres that our website deals with. These include categories related to technology, science, health, sports, money, business and much more.

We are actively recruiting guest bloggers for our Write for Us + Industry guest blogs. However, we require the content to be apt, including all the elements that will make it SEO guidelines, thereby helping us rank the article on top of search engines.

So, do not miss out on reading the below paragraph to get a sneak peek into the criteria.

Industry + Write for Us – How to Build a Good Content

The content must follow specific guidelines and specifications, making it distinct from others. These are:

  • Write for Us Industry must be as per the SEO guidelines mentioned
  • It must be sectioned appropriately and in compliance with all the SEO rules
  • A good content must include titles, multiple subheads, tables, bullet points and a striking conclusion
  • You must compulsorily add keywords that will make it easy to search it on the internet
  • Have an eye-catching title that should highlight what the blog is about
  • It is compulsory to check the articles and blogs for grammar.
  • We recommend you use the Grammarly tool to analyse for any grammatical errors or sentence formation.
  • You must only include meaningful sentences based on facts and simple for readers to understand.

“Write for Us”+Industry – Perks to Join Our Website

  • We are a global website allowing talented writers to showcase their prowess related to the subject
  • Each content will include a short bio at the end as a CTA
  • It is a paid opportunity wherein every writer whose content gets approved and uploaded
  • Hence, you must not share the approved content uploaded on our website anywhere else
  • You will get a great chance to network with writers from similar niche
  • Additionally, writing for an international website will be a great addition to your portfolio and resume grabbing the attention of recruiters.
  • Industry Write for Us must abide by all the guidelines and rules mentioned in the above sections.

“Write for Us” + “Industry” – Detailed Insight of Selection Process

Onboarding our website as writers is not a challenging task. We have eased the process and would only want to check your strengths related to writing. Herein, you must send your “Write for Us” + Industry samples through Email at [email protected].

Our experts will thoroughly scrutinize each article. Then, they will run a quick quality check to ensure they meet the desired criteria. Finally, selected writers will send a notification via email for the onboarding.

Write for Us+Industry – Other Important Points

  • Use the official Grammarly premium tool to check each article for grammar and spelling.
  • The font for all Industry + “Write for Us” content must be uniform
  • We recommend fonts like Times New Roman and Calibri in font size 12
  • Never add any information which is not backed by adequate sources
  • Adding links like internal and external ones will make the content more authentic
  • Do not use cliches or SMS language
  • Try to include active voice as much as possible
  • Primary keyword must come in introduction within first 100 words
  • The density of LSI and other keywords must be 1% of the total content
  • Adding images and video links will be appreciated.

Final Conclusion

There is an embargo on who can join our website as writers. Whether a fresher or a professional, we welcome you to try your prowess. Send us your Industry “Write for Us” blogs and await as we share the approval mail.

If you have any queries or want to share insight about content creation, write to us in the comments section.

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