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The article will surely help the Write for Us + Real Estate Guest Post contributors to present supreme-quality articles for the Sys-shield.com website.

Are you the person who knows more about real estate, its economics, and investments? And can you produce all your knowledge in the form of online writing? Then you are the ideal candidate to serve as a Write for Us + Real Estate Guest Post writer for our esteemed Sys-Shield website, and we hope you will be our backbone in producing our high-quality articles. And we have designed the following protocols to assist you in your writing.

Introduction to our website “Sys-shield.com”

Our forum provides high-quality content for our readers, and we have earned the trust of over a thousand people. We have established ourselves as one of the best online content creators in the internet world, and our Real Estate + Write for Us articles are becoming increasingly popular. Meanwhile, we are a team of more transparent people, so we are proud to show our platform’s high trust score and high Alexa ranking score to our readers to substantiate our performance. Our topics are,

  • Reviews of the latest products and websites
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Health care
  • Gaming tips
  • Lifestyle
  • Trending News

Desired responsibilities and Qualities of the Write for Us + Real Estate writers

We expect the guest post writers to present the article clearly, and we would like to provide an example. The term “real estate” refers to the lands and their improvements above that land, and the improvements can be man-made ones like buildings. Thus, it means the particular land and its facilities. Isn’t it simple to understand? Most people who read the “Write for Us” + Real Estate articles believe that “real estate” only refers to the barren land area, but it refers to it as a whole, which we can buy or rent.

Thus, the guest post writers must explain the basics of real estate, and they have to explain to the next level by describing the types of them and organizations and payment procedures for purchasing real estate.

“Write for Us” + “Real Estate” Writers Educational Qualification: Graduates of business finance, business accounting, and related courses related to real estate are welcome to apply, more experienced professionals such as real estate agents and developers can also make their attempt.

Skills sets: They should be able to present the whole article in error-free English language.

Write for Us Real Estate Reference topics

We are looking for topics with a blend of basic and application-oriented ones. Thus, the guest post writers can take a piece of reference from it,

  • Explain the real estate scams which are happening around the world. And the ways to prevent it.
  • What is the legal procedure to buy a real estate land?
  • What are the types of real estate lands?

Real Estate Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • Word limit: 750 to 2000 words
  • The guest post writers can incorporate the trending writing style like creative writing, magnetic writing etc.
  • The readability score of the article is significant. To get a good reliability score, the authors should spill the paragraph into 4 to 5 sentences and include more transition lines.
  • Write for Us+ Real Estate Guest post writers should pay attention to the passive voice sentences in their articles and stay within the threshold limit of 10%.
  • Because plagiarism is against our moral policing methods, and we will not compromise our morals at any cost, thus the article should be free of copied content with 100% unique content.

“Write for Us” + Real Estate articles SEO guidelines

  • The writers should add the necessary focus keywords, which can be found in Google searches, which will help us get a good SEO article.
  • To find the high SEO score keyword, the guest post writers can also use Google keywords planner.
  • The title tag and headings tag should be present in the article. 
  • If the guest post writers know about meta descriptions, it will be useful while publishing the article.

Real Estate + “Write for Us” Writer Benefits

Our website also strives hard to brighten the lives of the writers. Thus, we make sure to give their respective recognition. To accomplish this, we will provide proper credit to the authors by inserting their names above the articles after they are published; even though our team will edit the articles based on the customers’ needs and SEO strategies, we will still give credit to the respective writers only.

Real Estate “Write for Us” articles Submission Rules

The completed and proofread documents have to be submitted to this editor’s Email Address [ [email protected]] and they will guide you through the further processes.


We have shared our needs and requirements from the writer’s side and provided the essential liberty and leverage in presenting their Write for Us + Real Estate Guest Post article. The guidelines mentioned above will be more uncomplicated for the guest post writers to follow. We are so buoyant to see your Real estate articles.

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